We are going to walk you through how to provide these important dimensions. Please don't let this worry you.

How to measure your room….

  • Grab a pencil and paper and draw the walls of the room. Don't worry if the "scale" of your drawing doesn't look accurate.
  • - Please show walls, doors, openings, fireplaces, built in features, radiators, heights/ overall door and window sizes with trim, electric baseboard heat locations, angled walls, and etc are located. These are very important in planning.

  • Now get your tape measure. We suggest a good 25-foot span tape measure with notations to the ¼".

    - Give us a birds eye few of the room with the measurements as though you were above the room looking down on the space. Measure the lengths and widths of the space as shown. Label each wall beginning with "A". (see diagram 1)

    - Looking at wall "A" measure for the elements using these guidelines. Please created a sketch of each wall that will include the measurements you are about to take. (see diagram 2)
    • Start at one corner of the wall and work your way point-to-point moving left-to-right.
    • Mark the distance from the corner of the wall to the left outside of the trim/edge of the first window/door/element on that wall. (If there are no windows/doors/elements on that well then note that, but provide left corner to right corner wall measurement).
    • Then measure from the left outside edge/trim to the right outside edge/trim of each opening/element and note the width.
    • Next you measure from the right outside edge/trim of the window/door/element you just measured to the left outside edge/trim of the next object. You simply repeat the cycle you just completed noting the measurements/widths of each element as you go until you reach the right corner of the wall.
    • Please also not the distance for the top of windows/doors to the ceiling and from the bottom of windows to the floor.

    - Please make sure you measure the ceiling height as well.
    - If you have crown molding we would also like to know the height.
    - We would also like to know where any other special elements are in the room if they are present. These measurements don't need to be as precise. If we have a question relating to the design we will ask you:

    • wall vents for heating and cooling
    • outlets & light switches
    • light switches
    • decorative light fixtures that may be ceiling or wall mounted such as sconces, pendants or chandeliers.

Diagram 1
Diagram 2



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