• A written design overview of how we came to your design choices and suggestions on the best ways to implement.
  • Images of the looks and story boards with photos of the elements making up the look we propose.
  • Schematic floor plans reflecting the actual furniture pieces drawn in to scale
  • Fan deck of finish selections – paint, wall coverings, flooring, hardware, wood tones
  • Fan deck of fabric & trim selections
  • A detailed report that reflects all of the specification details (the item details, where to purchase and cost) for all elements included in your custom designed KokoBoxx.
  • You will also have an easy to follow step-by-step implementation plan to follow at your pace.
  • If you wish to add some extra touches of you we encourage you to layer in elements that tell the story of your family and bring a personal touch of your own. We love a good collaboration!




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