Why did KokoBoxx come about?
The do-it-yourself home styling movement has fostered an increased desire in people to enjoy unique, attainable interior design for the spaces in their homes. However, the challenges of not knowing where to start, how to plan, or how to pull the pieces together effectively can often times translate to an overwhelming and frustrating experience. Recognizing this, we developed a simple process that enables people to take advantage of our professional guidance as they work to achieve their design goals.

Who does the design?
Each room is assigned to a project designer who collaborates with the team and together we put together your KokoBoxx concept with furniture plans and selections planned just for you.

How do you get to know each client if you've never met them?
The more information a potential client sends us, the more we get to know their needs, tastes, and challenges for their room. In addition to measurements of the space and a completed questionnaire, we welcome images from print and online sources to help guide the process. We encourage you to send us photos of other areas in your home so that we can create a synergy from space to space and also welcome swatches of fabrics and colors you like. We love to hear from you in as much detail as you would like to convey.

How much communication is there between you and the client during the design process?
Upon receiving your materials you, we get to know you and your project. We strive to get a good feel and understanding of your goals for the project before we begin. Communication is key. We may call you to go over everything but typically we' will correspond using email. If something comes up during the design process we will contact you.

Can you incorporate some of my existing furniture?
If you have a piece that you would like to try to have implemented into the room we will absolutely work to make that happen in a way that honors your design plan. We will let you know if scale/ fit in the room is an issue to be considered. If it is a piece that we can recover we would be happy to specify a new upholstery fabric that you could use that will tie the piece into the space in a 'meant to be' way. Your new scheme can absolutely incorporate elements that tell a story or incorporate something meaningful to your family.

When should I submit payment?
To launch your design process your payment is due at the beginning of the process. We cannot begin work on your room(s) until we've received payment in full. This is standard operating in online design.

When will I receive my design?
Typically a Kokoboxx project takes six weeks to complete. If you have a need for a rush service we are sometimes able to accommodate for an additional rush service fee.

If you would like to order additional rooms, it will add a week or two to your turn around for each additional room. We will touch in with you at the time of order to discuss.

We work very hard to turn your designs around in a timely fashion, but it is really important not to rush a design. We want to provide ample time to your project so we can ensure you are getting the best of the best.

If I have questions about my KokoBoxx design after I've received it, will someone assist me?
Of course! If you have any questions please touch base with us. We want to ensure that you are happy and excited about your project and comfortable with execution. It is important to us that you understand the materials that we send you.

Do you ever continue to work with a KokoBoxx client after they've received their box?
In some case clients want additional help with shopping and purchasing the specified products. We are happy to help you through this part of the process, and are available on an hourly basis.

What is KokoBoxx GREEN?
KokoBoxx Green is an offering created to guide people to a sustainable design plan. We specify selections that are natural and sustainable. This concept implements products that have been responsibly harvested, recycled, manufactured without toxins, and are energy efficient where applicable.

What is KokoBoxx EXTRA?
We have found that some of our clients want to make their design more custom by adding "trade only" fabrics and furniture pieces to their design plan to make it as distinctive as possible. This also limits the risk of the neighbor down the street ordering the same elements. We are happy to accommodate this request. This will be billed separately and purchasing will be done through the KokoBoxx office. These products can be purchased through us and sent to arrive at your door ready to be put in place. It is important to let us know if you would like us to design to this goal when we are launching your project. We really enjoy this approach as it allows us to be our most creative. It should be expected that items purchased in this way will cost more and we are happy to answer budgetary questions as best we can prior to implementing a design.

Purchase, delivery, assembly, and installation of specified items are the responsibility of the client or retailer. Product warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer.


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